Blog Elements

You can display blog posts in various ways with the “Blog Post” element/shortcode. You can see one example here and even more at the blog main menu item of this demo.

Virtual & Augmented Reality is shaping our future

What is AR & VR anyway? You will know soon enough, with what is being forecasted.

Internet of Things & Big Data. Are you ready?

Consideration of IoT and Big Data as it relates to our daily interactive world has and will continue to grow in importance and power. How are your preparing?

Which leadership style is the best?

There are a number of leadership styles varying from Authoritarian leaders, Participative, Delegative, Autocratic, Democratic and Laissez-Fair, but what does it all mean? And is one style better than another?

Organizational Theory & Effects on Today’s Modern Workplace

Organizational Theory’s had historical contributions that were designed to answer the challenges companies faced when dealing with the management of staff within their organizations.