We can make your existing website smarter.

Display content or products previously visited

Select elements to change dynamically

Predicted Recommended Products

Web pages that adjust to visitors interest

Smarter E-Commerce

We work with the existing e-commerce platforms to provide an easy way to create personalized pages through artificial intelligence and automation.

Increase conversion through personalized web pages catered to the unique needs of your customers.

Many e-commerce customers are lost on their 2nd visit because they are unable to find what interests them or lose the items that brought them to your website initially. Through AI, your website will “remember” what pages, products, and content that the individual had visited previously, regardless of whether or not they are logged in or not.

Automated page creation and recommendation engines will allow for better conversions through page visits, marketing campaigns, and planning. Many e-commerce organization often need to change the home page. landing pages and product offering regularly to keep customers engaged in order to maintain customer interest. With AI automation in place, your company can spend less time in design and development, freeing up more time on other business needs.


Website learns what interests users while they browse


1st-time visitors will see the default web pages.


Returning visitors will have a personalized experience based on interest.


Display content that your consumer cares about 


Different layout and information catered based on viewing behavior

Smarter Online News

Provide content that caters to the unique likes of every user.

Integrated artificial learning systems are prevailing only if applied to the right business problems. Hootland believes execution with the highest quality, requires planning and understanding the areas that are most impactful for a business. Complex operations plans must balance several possibilities in order to create a powerful recommendation engine specific to the needs of your visitors. We are dedicated to ensuring that your business maximizes the use and integration if AI that best increases your overarching goals.

Enterprise Platforms

Enterprise & B2B websites have different requirements.

B2B and Enterprise level websites have unique requirements that need special attention. Hootland’s AI-optimized high-performance computing powerful algorithm will be able to crunch large volumes and types of data not possible just a few years ago. We can provide a computing power to enable rapid training and validation of a wide breadth of data science hypotheses. Stay on top of your competitors that are using spreadsheets or legacy Business Intelligence to analyze web operations.


AI-optimized high-performance computing platform will be catered to crunch large volumes and types of data to output valuable information.

New, Update or Smart Redesign

We service all type of websites

  • Web Applications

  • Community Building

  • Entertainment

  • E-Commerce

  • Media

  • Enterprise Brochure

  • Non-Profit

  • Educational

  • Infoprenuer